Using Scrapebox and Google Keyword Planner To Build A Big Keyword List

Combining Scrapebox’s keyword scraper and Google’s new Keyword Planner can be very powerful when you want to build a huge list of niche related keywords and see search volume for them all.

I’ve recorded a video showing you how I use it…




Ian Harmon

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8 thoughts to “Using Scrapebox and Google Keyword Planner To Build A Big Keyword List”

  1. Here is a handy hint.
    After scrapping keywords and deleting duplicates, I put the keywords found in a notepad file.
    When you scrape keywords, you get so many keywords, you only use part of them when harvesting with Scrapebox. The problem I had was, the keywords were so related, when I deleted duplicate URLs, I lost a lot of the URLs.
    I was thinking abou how can I cure this?
    I remembered Blog Analyzer, one of the Scrapebox addons has a random function. I opened Blog Analyzer, clicked on load from file and was surprised when the file of keywords actually loaded in. I hit random several times. Worked like a champ. I then saved the keywords in a file with the word random included in the file name.
    Since the list of keywords is randomized and not in the order they were Scrapped from Google, you do not get near as many duplicate URLs when harvesting.
    With the huge number of keywords you will get from using the above video method, you are going to use just part of them on any one harvesting run.
    Randomize them first, you will get far less duplicate URLs.

  2. awesome tips. Scrapebox never ceases to amaze me and the brilliant people like yourself Frank that share awesome tips like this one. Thanks!

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