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As you may or may not know, building your own private high PR network is still a very effective method of ‘helping’ to rank your website in Google.

Traditional SEO hosting companies are not effective anymore and could potentially get your site penalised. The landscape has changed and in this post you’ll found out why and which type of hosting is now best.

Ok firstly, I’ll need to do a high explanation of how IP address are structured to help you understand why what I’m going to tell you is important, so bear with me 🙂

IP addresses are split up into Octets which are separated by periods (or dots). So for example, in the following IP address the first octet (192) is A Class, the second (168) B Class, the third (50) C Class and the final (4) is D Class.

Pretty much all ‘SEO hosting’ use different Class C IPs to give the idea that multiple websites on different hosts are linking back to your website, therefore, the 3rd and 4th octet will change.

This used to be good enough for PBN’s (private blog networks), however the problem is Google has now caught onto this and can see when there’s a lot of class C IPs linking back to a domain.

This doesn’t look natural for a link profile as all Class C IPs will be from the same datacentre and they could just disallow all links from that C class if they wanted too.

The next option was to use a lot of different small hosting companies, $10/year type hosting. The problem with this kind of setup was the management of it all. It was an absolute nightmare. Different billing, support times and levels of customer service etc. made this a major major headache, especially on a large PBN.

The Solution – A Class Hosting

This allows you to manage many web hosts in many different locations/countries from one or two providers, which makes the management a LOT easier. They’re kinda like a broker for web hosting.

I’ve tried a number of providers and the one I’ve found which has really good support, a really intuitive interface, easy to setup and has good packages is:

The link above is an affiliate link, however I have found them to be the best I’ve used so far in terms of support, interface, packages and locations.

Tip #1: “Update Contact Info” in cpanel and change to some random email. You can use a dummy one. All comms for that domain will go through you’re A Class hosting provider.

Hope that’s been useful, now go and get some A Class hosting, buy some high authority domains and get building a much more effective and easier to manage PBN.

Any questions leave a comment below 🙂


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