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Hi and welcome to my first personal blog,  it’s only took me 7 years to finally get around to doing one! In this first post I wanted to give you some insight into how I got started in Internet Marketing, the mistakes I’ve made over the years so you don’t have to and basically highlights from my Online Marketing journey.

Thing is, I started writing the 1st post nearly 3 weeks ago now and I still haven’t finished it. It’s currently touching 2,786 words and I’m just starting 2012! Oh and that was me skimming over some years lol.

So, I thought what I would do is write an intro to the intro 🙂 and publish the whole thing in sections and maybe link to them all from here. Who knows I might just add them onto this post.

The chance of someone reading the whole piece is pretty dam slim anyway, but in case you want too I will publish it all. Plus, I’ve got other posts to publish and I don’t want to hold them up any longer, so I’ll keep this post short! This theme isn’t necessarily going to be the one that I settle with either, but I got tired of looking through list of themes 🙂

Ok, a brief history about me is I started online back in 2006 as an affiliate marketer. Over the years I’ve had my fair share of what I call Internet Marketing ADHD. Basically, finding it difficult to focus on projects and jumping from one thing to another.

This happened a lot in the early years when I had major SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome) and was always chasing the next big thing never really building a business.

If that’s you now, take my advice and stop doing it. Pick one strategy/project and work on it until completion. Do not buy another product until you taken action and implemented what you’ve learned.

Don’t worry though, you can ask anybody who’s been marketing online for a few years and you’ll probably find that 99% of them have been through this too.  It’s difficult not to when you’re chasing your dreams in an industry with a lot of good (and bad) sales people.

Anyway, I’m now lucky enough to earn a full time income from online marketing. I run my own Digital Marketing Agency, enjoy a good income from affiliate marketing and I’m currently developing software and information products to sell to the online marketing community.

I came from a non sales & marketing background and knew absolutely nothing about it until 2005, everything i know about sales & marketing  has been self taught in these past few years. I was techie back in the day, you couldn’t really get further away from sales, I used to hate it.

I’ve not had the easiest or quickest route. I’ve not bought a push button system that brought me riches.

And if anyone tells you online marketing is easy just buy my coaching/training then run a mile because it’s not!

However, it just goes to show, if you want to achieve something in life you can, set yourself some goals and go for it. Don’t let anything get in your way.

If you believe you can achieve!

With that said I hope you enjoy reading the posts I’ve got planned for you and learn from them too.

Regardless of your experience, remember, always be a student and never stop learning!



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    …not sure if I should be happy or sad to find I have a clone – at least when it comes to those syndromes 😉
    Looking forward to read more, just looked at your video which was really good!

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