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LastPassYour security online has always been of paramount importance.  People’s online accounts get hacked every single day using shady techniques you wouldn’t even of thought of in a million years. One of the biggest issues I see all the time which is at minimum what you should be doing is NOT using the same password for all your online accounts.

This is REALLY dangerous and if you are currently doing this you should hit yourself over the head immediately with a mouldy banana. I say mouldy just so it doesn’t hurt too much!

Seriously though, tonnes of people every day are hacked because of this very reason. Some websites are easier to hack than others and once they get your details for one, they will try these on any website they deemed fit to try.

Lucky for you the boffins over at have created a brilliant free online password manager to stop you having to use the same password or write them on notes stuck to your monitor . You see, the reason why you have to use the same password is so that you remember it next time you need to login agreed…?

Well, with Lastpass installed, you don’t need to remember them because they store them all online for you using some ultra encrypted geeky security algorithm techie stuff.

You just have to remember one Master password for Lastpass and that’s it. Don’t forget that one though or else I’ll make you find that mouldy banana again.

You can install the Lastpass plugin on multiple browsers, tablets phones and you never need remember your passwords forever!

Lastpass also has a password generator too so you don’t have to keep using your budgies name or your Auntie Mable’s Dog, you can have passwords like this:  #@:34GH&*~^^ (that’s not one of mine by the way)

…which are super secure, but let’s face it you could never remember! And is you could you’re just plain weird 🙂

The free Lastpass version is pretty ample for what you need, however for a measly $12 per year you can support these ultra techie security geeks in making your password data even more secure!

That’s $1 per month, your online accounts will be a whole lot safer and you’ll only ever have to remember one password again.

One VERY important point I need to mention though is, if you do install it on your tablet or phone make sure you have your device protected by a password (which you should anyway) because if someone nicks it you’ll be doomed as they’ll have access to all your online accounts!


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